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Alpine Climbing is the mixed art of climbing to the summit of a mountain, often by technical means. Alpine Climbing can include rock climbing, scrambling, ice climbing, and glacier travel. For many alpine climbing is the culmination and pinnacle of climbing.
Enthusiastically, at ITCOG the Alpine is where we spend much, if not most of our time. It is certainly the category of climbing where we offer the greatest variety of trips. Furthermore the trips we offer in the Alpine category have the most diversity in technique. From the volcanoes of Mexico to peaks of Nepal, there is something for everyone.
People climb for many reasons. That said, a common theme is often the challenge, both mental and physical, that it takes to reach the summit of the worlds great peaks. After all, it’s not everyone who chooses to spend their holidays overcoming their fear and pushing their physical boundaries. But for those of us who do, we often walk away with pride in our efforts and achievements and we are rewarded with views and memories that can only be realized by those that meet the challenge of the mountains.
"If happiness is a goal, and it should be, then adventure should be a top priority."
- Richard Branson
Undoubtably, we know what these alpine challenges are and how to overcome them. Most of all, we enjoy teaching and sharing our decision making processes with the people we take into the mountains. We have had a lot of success in the mountains over the years. This success is due in great part to preparation and progression, that’s what we hope to instill and what we expect out of our guests as well. Our top priorities are always safety and fun.
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