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Ski Mountaineering: the discipline of climbing and descending mountains with the use of skis. Often, using the methods and tools of more traditional mountain climbing. Some of these tools include: Crampons, Ice Axe, Harness and rope. Some of the methods include repelling and belaying as well as technical alpine climbing techniques. But ski mountaineering also includes technical descents. Technical descents include: Belayed skiing, rappels (with and without skis), and definitely Steep and often exposed skiing.


Custom is choose your own adventure at as many levels as you can imagine. For Example we did a custom ski trip to Russia with a young pro skier. He had a budget, but didn’t want or need luxury. He was a good partner and so we skied some big committing lines, stayed in the mountain huts instead of town and had an amazing 10 days of big lines and Russian hospitality. On the other end of the spectrum my Everest trips were five star support and accommodations all the way. We have a few clients that do one on one adventures to places like Kenya and Peru Or group trips with family and friends to Kilimanjaro or Noway boat ski trips. First Ascents and Descents in Antarctica, or exploration in Alaska, we have put together and run all of these trips.

We will work with you to design the style of trip you want, with the people you want. We believe these trips are what keep many of our best guests coming back again and again. In this way you can really understand what it’s like to be In The Company of Guides!


We have planned, organized and executed many trips all across the globe. Logistics is a huge part of any expedition or big ski trip. We have put in the time and have learned how to plan for and anticipate what logistics we need. We have many contacts and personal friends across the globe, we work worth directly and indirectly with these people to seamlessly prepare for our objectives.

We are often asked how we guide a mountain if we have never been there before? Guiding is not just about knowing the way, We are good at reading maps that’s the easy part. Guiding is about having the skills and knowledge to accomplish our goal in a safe well managed way. These skills don’t change just because it’s a different mountain. We use the same techniques climbing the Grand Teton as we do guiding Mt. Kenya for example. Rope technique, cold management, route finding, guest management and risk management… We have a massive number of days leading and taking care of guests in the mountains and this experience translates area to area very well.

This is a very personal question, for which I assume there are many different answers. For me, it is mostly about the position and perspective.

Looking down a steep couloir or exposed face and understanding that I must not fall, and having the confidence that I won’t. Pushing myself physically, enduring through fatigue and over coming fear. Looking at my objective on the way up to admire it’s defenses and plan my attack. Then again on the way out to be thankful and inspired by the effort and accomplishment.

This is our home, we ski here almost every day in a good winter. We work with a bunch of very knowledgeable and experienced guides. We are in the terrain and talking about conditions with other professional guides and forecasters every day. Very few have the intimate, and enduring relationship with the Wasatch mountains as we do.

Not only do we know the terrain, we have the proven skills to keep you safe while achieving your goals. As Certified Ski Mountaineering Guides we were tested by our professional mentors and peers on the knowledge and skills required to guide in this terrain. We are all skiers of the highest caliber and have proven these skills with big technical ski descents here in the Wasatch and around the world. Most of all we love this stuff! This is what inspires us most of all. We love to explore, and to ski the classics!

Here in the Wasatch we have some very classic ski descents, including four entries into Chris Davenports coffee table best seller “Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America”, and made more famous by the documentary “The Fifty” staring Cody Townsend. These four classics: Mount Superior’s South Face, Thunder Ridge’s Hypodermic Needle, Mount Timpanogos’s Cold Fusion and Mount Tukuhnikivatz in the La Sals, are the Utah four to make the cut.

Andrew Mclean’s “the Chuting Gallery” is another well known tic list of Wasatch ski mountaineering. His book includes some of our favorites like: The Pfifferhorns NW couloir, The East couloir on Kessler and Monte Cristo’s Edge of the World to Directissimo. We’ve guided many and done most (Some are rarely in condition).

Any advanced to expert skiers who enjoys steep challenging skiing. All objectives are not the same as far as danger, but any steep objective has potential consequences. You should be a confident skier, able to make consistent controlled turns in all Black and Double Black Diamond terrain in Western ski resorts.

While not imperative on some objectives and in some conditions, a bit of experience backcountry skiing is important for safety and efficiency. Knowing how to use your touring gear, and familiarity with beacons and rescue gear is super helpful, so the focus can be on accomplishing the objective. Basic knowledge is required in some conditions.

If you don’t know this stuff, that fine. Let’s just add in a day of training. You won’t be sad you did!

Many of these more committing, bigger objectives are priced differently than our normal ski touring. We think of this as a kind of hazard pay. You can Ski Mountaineer the Wasatch!

Skis With Alpine Touring bindings

We recommend a touring ski with a waist between 105cm and 116. Skis should be equipped with touring binding, preferably tech style bindings.

Climbing Skins

Skins need to be in good condition and cut to fit your ski.

Ski Touring Boot

Boots need to be compatible with your bindings. Boots must have a walk mode.

Ski Crampons

Ski Crampons must be compatible with you bindings and ski waist width.

Boot Crampons

We highly recommend aluminum crampons. Make sure they work with your ski boots.


Harness must fit over ski clothing, be light weight and in good condition. You should also have 2 locking carabiners and a belay device.

Ice Axe

Ice Axe needs to be light weight and short (Less than 55cm).

Ski Backpack

good ski pack should be light weight and have a dedicated pocket for your avalanche rescue gear and be between 35-50 liters.

Avalanche Rescue Gear

You will need a shovel and probe. The Shovel should have an extendable handle, an aluminum blade and fit into you pack without sticking out. Make sure your probe is in working order.

Avalanche Beacon

Your beacon should be a modern digital beacon. Come with new batteries in your beacon.

Ski Helmet

While we don’t require you to ski with a helmet we do highly recommend it.


Light or medium weight beanie.

Buff/Neck Gaiter

We recommend a lightweight buff as it has many uses.


We really like goggles with changeable lenses for use in bright and low light. They should also be compatible with your helmet.

Sun Glasses

Even if you always prefer to ski in goggles, sun glasses are needed for the up. Goggles will get fogged with sweat.

Warm Gloves

How warm depends on you. We recommend a durable well fitting ski glove.

Light Gloves

Lighter weight gloves are recommended for hiking up to reduce sweating.

Hard Shell Jacket

Waterproof/breathable jacket with ventilation.

Light Insulating Jacket

Breathable light insulating jacket.

Mid to Heavy Insulating Jacket

When temps are cold, you will be happy for a nice warm jacket.

Top Base Layer

We really like sun hoodies.

Ski Pants

We recommend a light option or a more waterproof option.

Bottom Base Layer


Ski Socks

We prefer light weight socks.


50 SPF or greater. Make sure your tube is not old as sunscreen can lose it’s effectiveness over time.

Lip Screen

Make sure it has SPF.

Small First Aid Kit

This should contain blister repair material, over the counter pain killers and a few bandaids. We will have a full sized med kit on the boat as well as field kits with the guides.

  • Your guide will contact you no later than the evening before your trip to discuss the days plans.
  • For a full day of skiing, plan on 8+ hours out. Bigger objectives can take between 10 and 12 hours.
  • A typical day: Guides will meet clients in one of the Park and Ride parking lots. From the meeting area (guides will tell you where) you will go up one of the canyons together in the client vehicle or public transportation.

*Please note, because of insurance reasons we are not able to transport clients in guide vehicles.

Before You Head Out
  • The guide will do a verbal gear check and confirm that waivers have been signed.
  • The guide will inform you what to do incase of emergency.
  • The guide will give you an overview of the day with estimated completion time.

You day will usually end where your day began (at one of the parking lots or at your lodge). Directions to parking areas where we often meet. Alway confirm meeting place with your guide.


$4,500/person for 6 nights, 5 days. Group pricing available.

Included in Price:
  • 2 IFMGA/AMGA Certified Mountain Guides
  • Liability Insurance
  • 1 Full Day of Helicopter Skiing
  • 1 Ride Helicopter Assist
  • 6 Nights Lodging/ Breakfast included
  • All Transportation in Valdez
  • Memories to last a life time
Not Included in Price:
  • Flight/Transport to Valdez
  • Lunches and Dinners
  • Alchohol
  • Personal Insurance


Dec 2020 – May 2021
*Custom dates available


$4,000 (10 days)
*Custom dates available
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Wasatch Mountain Backcountry Skiing and Ski Mountaineering


Come Climb The Matterhorn, Eiger, Tetons, Alps, or Wasatch Mountains with Us, this July and August.


We specialize in designing custom and private trips, perfect for you or a group. Our team of highly experienced, certified, professional guides will teach you the skills, and lead you there and safely home.
"My trip with Winslow was exhilarating and challenging. She helped me with the skills that made our backcountry ski experience memorable. It was a rewarding experience that took me outside my comfort zone and I loved every minute of it. Thank you Winslow!"
- Bob S.
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Fun for Everyone

ITCOG offers anything from top ropping for families and groups, to tackling long and technical multi-pitch routes. Our guides are great teachers and accomplished climbers, with the knowledge and skill to help you accomplish your rock climbing goals. We will prepare you for the challenge.

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Todd Passey opens doors. He is confident and comfortable. Decades of climbing have given him friends around the world. When you are with him you feel part of the inner circle of guides.

"My trip with Winslow was exhilarating and challenging. She helped me with the skills that made our backcountry ski experience memorable. It was a rewarding experience that took me outside my comfort zone and I loved every minute of it. Thank you Winslow!"
- Bob S.

We are world-class founder is Todd Passey. Todd became the 64th person to earn IFMGA-certification, he has decades of  mountainaineering experience.  His Wife – Winslow Passey – has an impressive resume too! She earned AMGA-Ski Mountaineering certificate, and is a professional coach.


We are world-class founder is Todd Passey. Todd was one of 64 who earned IFMGA-certification (or the highest  possible)-certified mountain with decades of expereince planning international Alpine Adventures , Rock Climbing Tours, Ski and SKi Mountaineering Adventures. around the world. 

Moab Rock Climbing Adventure

We’ve proudly partnered up with Wasatch Mountain Guides to bring you Guided Rock Climbing Moab, UT. Book Now for May – Nov 2024.


“Careful thought is given to itineraries, each day taking into consideration safety, current conditions, and your desires and goals.”
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