Alaska Adventures

Seven Summits


Denali, The Great One. This mountain also known as Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain in North America, and boasts the greatest relief of any mountain in the world, nearly 18,000 feet. Situated at 63 degrees North, Denali is also one of the coldest mountains in the world.

Skiing Adventures


Join us in Valdez Alaska, for an unforgettable ski adventure of Ski Mountaineering + Heli Skiing. The conditions are perfect for ski mountaineering with steep angles and deep powder.

Skiing Adventures

Ski Denali National Park

Join us for 6 days of basecamp living and great skiing. We’ll fly into the Pika Glacier and set up camp in the area known as Little Switzerland.

Exploring the Mountains of Alaska

The state of Alaska is “big” , the largest state in the U.S. Alaska is also home to North America’s highest mountain; Denali standing at 20,310 feet. It’s a wild place with big mountains, cold temps, vast landscapes and long days. Alaska hold a special place in our hearts, where climbing and skiing has given us the excuse to come back year after year.
In The Company of Guides offers guiding and instruction in the Alaska Range’s Denali National park and in the Church mountains around Valdez Alaska. We offer ski guiding In Denali National Park, where the cold temps keep the snow dry and light and the big mountain scenery is unrivaled. The Climbing we guide is also in the National Park, where we fly onto the glaciers from Talkeetna Alaska.
We also offer ski trips in Valdez Alaska. the mountains around Valdez are costal providing more moderate temperatures and a deep and usually stable snowpack. Valdez is home to many Helicopter skiing operations, and we take advantage of this to offer 5 day packages combining heli skiing and guided backcountry skiing in the same trip.