Chile / Argentina
Discover the beauty and experience the thrill of ski touring the most spectacular Patagonian volcanoes. This 14-day adventure is designed for advanced to expert skiers wishing to challenge their limits and abilities in the central Patagonian Andes. You will ascend and descend no fewer than 7 majestic Andean volcanoes: Lonquimay, Llaima, Villarica, Casablanca, Osorno, and Lanin.
Combining world-class back-country skiing, superb views, pristine wilderness, cozy rustic hotels, and exquisite natural hot springs in which to relax and restore tired muscles, this sensational ski touring experience has it all.
Day 1

Arrival in Bariloche. Check equipment.

Day 2

Cerro Catedral off-piste skiing, reviewing touring techniques and making final adjustments to our equipment.

Day 3

Cerro Mirador at the border and sleep in Antillanca.

Day 4

Ski Touring Casablanca Volcano. We’ll ride Antillanca´s lifts to the ski area’s highest point, where we’ll set out for the summit. The views over the surrounding landscape are spectacular: the volcano’s lower slopes, thickly forested with coigue, manio, ulmo, and tepa, are dotted with emerald lakes, and the snow-covered cone of the Osorno Volcano rises majestically on the skyline. We return to our hotel in Antillanca. Maximum Alt: 6,528 feet (1,990m) – Min Alt: 3,412 feet (1,040m) – Vertical Drop: 3,116 feet (950m) / Skin up 1½ hours – Ski down 45 minutes – Drive to Osorno Hut.

Day 5

Ski Touring Volcano Osorno. We make an early start to begin our ascent of Osorno, an iconic Chilean volcano noted for its similarity to Japan’s Mt. Fuji. An active volcano with a glaciated summit, Osorno towers over the beautiful Llanquihue and Todos los Santos lakes. We return to the Melia Patagonia Hotel in Puerto Varas for a spa and dinner.

Maximum Altitude: 8,700 feet (2,652m) – Min Alt: 4,068 feet (1,240m) – Vertical Drop: 4,632 feet (1,412m) / Skin up 4-5 hours – Ski down 1.5 hours Drive to Puerto Varas.

Day 6

Drive to Pucon.

Day 7

Ski Touring Villarrica Volcano. We set out for Villarica Volcano National Park, with its picture-book smoking volcano—one of the most active in South America—and its rushing rivers, volcanic caves, and emerald-colored lagoons. On our 5-hour ski tour, we’ll enjoy privileged views of this outstanding wilderness area. At the end of the day, we’ll have dinner at one of Pucón’s celebrated restaurants and stay overnight at the Hotel Mallahue.

Max Altitude: 9,340 feet (2,847m) – Min Alt: 4,625 feet (1,410m) – Vertical Drop: 4,625 feet (1,437m) / Skin up: 4 hours – Ski down: 1 hour.

Day 8

Drive to Lonquimay.

Day 9

Ski Touring Lonquimay Volcano. We drive 15 miles (25 km) to the base of the Corralco ski area, located on the Lonquimay Volcano. In the Mapudungun language of the Mapuche people, the name Lonquimay means ‘dense forest’. We ride the chairlift up to the ski area’s highest point and then make an ascent of this beautiful and accessible peak. At the summit, we’ll admire panoramic views of the region’s other stunning volcanoes and then make our long, long descent. We return to the Manzanar Hot Springs Hotel.

9,009 feet (2,746m) – Min Alt: 4,790 feet (1,460m) – Vertical Drop: 4,219 feet (1,286m) / Skin up: 4-5 hours – Ski down: 2 hours.

Day 10

Ski Touring Llaima Volcano – Pucón. We’ll make an early transfer to Las Araucarias Ski Resort at the base of the Llaima Volcano. Considered one of the three most active volcanoes in South America, Llaima—which means ‘come back to life’ in the Mapudungun language of the Mapuche people—has had more than forty eruptions over the past 150 years, the most recent in 1994. We will ascend and then ski down this impressive volcano with its vast crater, twin peaks with spectacular smoking fumaroles, and araucaria forests. At the end of the day, we transfer to the Hotel Mallahue in Pucón.

10,252 feet (3,125m) – Min Alt: 5,085 feet (1,550m) – Vertical Drop: 5,167 feet (1,575m) / Skin up: 4-5 hours – Ski down: 1 hour.

Day 11

Drive to Junin de Los Andes.

Day 12

Drive to the base of Lanin Volcano a five-hour climb will bring us to the rustic environs of the Lanin Refugio, situated at 2,315m. The tin-can accommodations, literally strapped to the side of the inactive volcano.

Day 13

Rising at dawn, we will skin the remaining 1500m to the summit: where views from the 3,776m summit include the neighboring LLaima and Villarrica Volcano’s near Pucon, Chile, the Huechulafquen and Alumine lakes, and the Pacific Ocean to the immediate west. The nearly perfectly conical peak will allow us to choose from a variety of descent choices, aspects and snow types. while descending fall line to Tromen drive back to Junin.

Day 14

Back to Bariloche.


Dec 2020 – May 2021

*Custom dates available


$4,000 (10 days)


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