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Skiing Adventure

One of the great things about backcountry skiing is there’s something for any strong skier. I can have fun skiing low angle glades or skiing steep couloirs. The backcountry is no place to learn to ski but for advanced intermediate, to expert skiers who don’t mind the hike. Our guided backcountry skiing is an exquisite adventure.

I love to break trail, to find my way to the top in the most elegant way I can. One of my mentors used to say a “good skin track should flow like water uphill”. Breaking trail or not, skinning is a very efficient way to explore the mountains. I have spent countless hours thinking about and practicing how to be efficient on the skin track. I love to teach these techniques, and I love to see people “get it”. I won’t lie, you need to have some fitness to backcountry ski, but you don’t need to be an ultra-athlete. With proper technique and a little practice you too can learn to love the “up”.

We have guests with all levels of skill and fitness, people with lots of experience backcountry skiing and people with none. Of course on group trips, we strive to combine people of similar abilities and goals. It’s always ideal to ski with us or one of our colleague’s before joining one of our bigger trips.

Ski Mountaineering Option

Some of our ski trips have a ski mountaineering component. Ski mountaineering is when we add equipment like crampons, ice axes, and ropes in order to achieve our objective. Often in ski mountaineering, the goal is a specific peak or ski line. Where pure backcountry skiing’s goal is to ski good snow and enjoy the beauty of the environment, without the technical component.

We love to introduce ski mountaineer techniques and objectives to people, it’s often the next step to ski adventure to peak your enthusiasm!

Checkout our guided skiing options or pre-planned skiing adventures (by clicking on the location below), propose new ones, or send us a message. We are happy to answer your questions and find the best fit for you and your group!

Combine the feeling of skiing powder with the beauty of pristine mountains and good friends... life doesn't get any better.


Browse our ski offerings, propose new ones, or send us a message. We are happy to answer your questions and find the best fit for you and your group!


We specialize in designing custom and private trips, perfect for you or a group. Our team of highly experienced, certified, professional guides will teach you the skills, and lead you there and safely home.