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The discipline of climbing and descending mountains with the use of skis. Often, using the methods and tools of more traditional mountain climbing. 

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Mountain Climbing

Ski mountaineering often uses the methods and tools of more traditional mountain climbing. Some of these tools include: Crampons, Ice Axe, Harness and rope. 


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We are professional, Certified Ski Mountaineering Guides. That means we have the knowledge and skills required to guide. Plus, we are all skiers of the highest caliber who have proven skills on big technical ski descents around the world. Most of all we love this stuff!

"Todd Passey opens doors. He is confident and comfortable. Decades of climbing have given him friends around the world. When you are with him you feel part of the inner circle of guides."
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Who Should Try Ski Mountaineering?

Any advanced to expert level skier who enjoys steep challenging skiing. All objectives are not the same as far as danger, but any steep objective has potential consequences. You should be a confident skier, able to make consistent controlled turns in all Black and Double Black Diamond terrain in Western ski resorts.

Why Wasatch?

Here in the Wasatch we have some very classic ski descents, including four entries into Chris Davenports coffee table best seller “Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America”, and made more famous by the documentary “The Fifty” staring Cody Townsend. These four classics: Mount Superior’s South Face, Thunder Ridge’s Hypodermic Needle, Mount Timpanogos’s Cold Fusion and Mount Tukuhnikivatz in the La Sals, are the Utah four to make the cut.

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