Sardinia is an amazing place for a family vacation with rock climbing! The beaches are lovely and the water pristine. The climbing is on limestone. The beach crags are gorgeous caves with views of the ocean. Inland there are longer multi pitch routes. We are planning on next May and /or June over there so come join us for some climbing adventures.
Bring the whole family and whoever wants to climb can and others can play at the beach! The Italians are so warm and loving, the seafood is delicious, and of course you will totally fall in love with Italy’s charm!



May – June
*Custom dates available
"I remember one time when Todd and I were climbing Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis. I tested a rock by pulling down on it. When I stepped on the rock from a different angle, however, the entire formation came out and I was airborne. My fall wasn't long because the rope had been taut. All I remember saying was 'Well, that's interesting.' Todd said nothing, except later he said, 'That's what a guide and a rope are for.' It was all in a day's work for him. When I think about it, I guess I owe my life to him."
- Stephen G.S.


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