If Injury or other life events prevent you from participating in or completing your trip once your balance has been paid, you can be covered for that. Is the trip you’ve selected very remote and rescue not covered? We have partnered with Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance to help you with your insurance needs.


ITCOG does some amazing trips to some amazing areas of the world. The U.S. Department of State has some great info on International travel. A few of the area’s we frequent are particularly sensitive; Russia, Tanzania and West Papua, Indonesia a few of these areas. On this Website you can find out things like visa requirements and travel restrictions and More.


The American Alpine Club has some great member benefits. On Some of our trips we stay in huts, If you are an Alpine Club member we will discount the price of your trip by the amount we saved in the Hut. You also get rescue insurance with membership. Please note that the amount offered is not sufficient for some of our more remote trips.