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The Wasatch is our home, and with the amount of quality rock climbing only minutes from our door, and 30 minutes from the airport and downtown SLC, you see why. There are two major Canyons “Big” and “Little” Cottonwood canyons, both full of world-class Rock Climbing.

There is a long history of climbing in both canyons going back to the ’30s. Goodro’s Crack, in Big Cottonwood canyon’s quartzite, put up in the ’40s on old gear and hobnail boots, is considered the first 5.10 in the country. The history continues through the 70’ with the Lowe’s… Jeff, Greg, and George who pushed forward on what’s possible, putting up, now classics like The Coffin and Green A in Little Cottonwoods beautiful, very high-quality Granite.


Big Cottonwood Canyon is mostly quartzite and mainly sport climbing. There are great places for groups and individuals just getting introduced to climbing: good top-roping and places to hang out and watch. Big is also home to ultra classic, moderate, multi-pitch routes like the Outside Corner and Stewart's Ridge. If you want to try some difficult sport climbing... the angulated and crimpy quartzite provides plenty of that as well.


Little Cottonwood Canyon is a beautiful granite, which lends to amazing crack climbing. We are lucky to have some great areas to learn crack climbing while linking up to some classics like School Room and Pentapitch. Another quality of LCC climbing is its granite slab climbing. Try climbing test pieces like The Dorsal fin and S-direct on the Thumb or maybe something more moderate like Zesty on Lizard headwall... A lifetime of chicken heads, cracks, slabs, and crystals can be found in "Little"!



First-timers are welcome, kids are welcome even seniors and groups of all kinds can find fun, challenge and enjoyment in a day of rock climbing. We pride ourselves on being good teachers and we can take you from being a never ever to the top of your first rock climb. We keep it safe and teach the fundamentals, so you can push yourself as far as you want to go.

Our favorite thing to do is go climbing! Hire us for a private day of rock climbing, tell us what you are looking for from your day out. We will then cater your day to your skills and desires and teach you as we climb. Hone your crack technique, do your first multi-pitch, climb your first 5.10 we love to make your day!