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Why Wasatch?


Less than 30 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons serve up world-class backcountry skiing. There is literally no approach to most of our skiing, once we clip into our bindings we skin uphill. Every foot of elevation we gain climbing up is enjoyed with great turns on the way back down.  Prefer Ski Mountaineering?

Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons are both major roads that run parallel to one another in an east west direction, split by a prominent ridgeline. This geography makes it possible to use public transportation to do bi-canyon tours. These bi-canyon tours let us see lot’s of terrain, ski more down hill than we climb up, and ski all slopes with northern aspects. These are fun diverse ski tours with vast options for all types of skiers.

We also have the option of using lifts to access the backcountry. Snowbird and Alta sit at the top of Little Cottonwood canyon and Brighton and Solitude at the top of Big Cottonwood canyon. Having these major ski areas adjacent to great backcountry skiing terrain can open up some interesting options for those with lift passes.


The Wasatch mountains are a compact mountain range, but they offer up a huge variety of ski terrain for backcountry skiers. Big Cottonwood canyon to the Park City ridge line is full of mellow glades suitable for newer and intermediate backcountry skiers as well as providing safe terrain on high avi days. “Big” as it’s often referred to, is not all mellow Glades though, it also offers big objectives like Mount Raymond and technical descents like the Whipple couloir and more.

Little Cottonwood, in general is bigger, steeper more rugged terrain. “Little” is where we find lots of our ski mountaineering terrain. Peaks like the Pfeifferhorn and Mount Superior, as well as big lines like the Hypodermic Needle and the Coal Pit head wall.

We could go on and on, but the point is, there is something for everyone. The Wasatch is truly a Backcountry skiing mecca.

Wasatch Backcountry Ski Gear ListWasatch Backcountry Ski Gear List
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