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Mount Tyree Adventure

Standing at 15,919 feet, Tyree is the second highest mountain on the continent of Antarctica.  This striking peak in the Ellsworth mountains not far from Mt. Vinson has seen very little traffic  over the years. On our ascent in 2021 we were the eighth party to climb the mountain. This  expedition is remote and secluded and only for the most motivated and hardy climbers. Temps  on this mountain are commonly -20 F and often even colder. Summit day will take 18-24hrs  and involves 20+ pitches of belayed climbing going up, and 20+ rappels on descent. 



Mount Tyree Ski + Climb Itinerary

We begin our trip in Punta Arenas Chile, where we will do a gear check and do a briefing with  the logistics company Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions. Once the weather looks good for  our flight we will board our plane and make the 4 hr 757 flight “onto the ice” landing at the ALE  remote camp on Union Glacier in Western Antarctica. This camp is a full service camp  complete with a dining hall, showers and many other facilities including an skiway and Twin  Otter airplanes. 

Depending on weather and timing, we may not spend much time at all in Union. Instead we  will board Twin Otters and make another flight to Vinson basecamp. While not mandatory it is  nice to acclimate by climbing Mt. Vinson, Antarctica highest peak. It will be necessary to  acclimate and Vinson offers the most convenient and best option for doing so. Not to mention,  if you are going all that way Vinson is a nice one to check off the bucket list. If you have  already climbed Mt. Vinson there might be the option of trying a new route of climbing Mt.  Shinn (Antarctica’s Third highest peak). 

Once fully acclimated, we will catch yet another Twin Otter flight over to the Patton Glacier.  The Patton Glacier sits at the base of the French route, also known as the NE Couloir, on the  north-east side of Mt. Tyree. Here we will establish our basecamp. 

Our first move will be to carry to our high camp bivy sight at the top of the NE Ridge. This  ridge is easy mixed climbing offering spectacular views and fun climbing. Once our loads are  situated at our bivy site we will return to basecamp and wait for our weather window. 

We will move from base camp to our high camp bevy, which is approx. 3000’ vertical and will  take between 4 and 6 hours. We will eat and sleep and arise early for our summit bid. Bivy to  summit will take between 10 and 14hrs. Descent back to bevy 8-12 hours. Total summit day  18- 26 hours. The following day we will sleep in and then return to base camp 2-5 hours. 

**Tyree has never been done on skis, but the right person with the right conditions in could be  done. If you are interested in trying to put your name in the record books and have the skill  and resume let’s talk. 

  • December - January
  • Custom dates may be available, contact us for more information
  • 2:1
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