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Mount-Elbrus Guided Trip

Standing at 18,513 feet, Mount Elbrus is the highest peak on the European continent and one of the “Seven Summits”. Located in the heart of the Caucasus mountains, this extinct volcano offers moderate climbing with spectacular views of one of the most rugged mountain ranges in the world. Join us on this cultural climbing experience.

We begin our trip in Moscow, Russia’s capitol and most populous city. Though not part of the trip we recommend you arrive early and check out the city while getting over your jet lag. Red Square and the Subway are only two ‘not to be missed’ attractions. We like to end our trip in St. Petersburg to give you a taste of another great Russian City full of art and history.

From Moscow we take a domestic flight to Mineralnye Vody and then hop in our private van for our drive to Cheget. From our hotel in Cheget we spend a couple of days hiking the surrounding hills to help us acclimate. Our hotel is clean and comfortable with breakfast and dinner provided. Lunch will be taken care of as well, most likely in one ski lodges or other mountain dining.

Once our initial acclimatization is complete we will take a tram and then a chair lift to our mountain Accommodations. While on the mountain we’ll be fed and generally taken care of by our Russian Babushka, Elana. She prepares local cuisine with a smile and charm, so we can do another day of acclimating before our summit bid.

The day before we hike to a point called Pastukhov Rocks at approx. 15,300 for our final acclimitication. We will often take the Snow Cat to our high point the day before. This ground is quickly surpassed keeping our summit day to a reasonable length. With the Snowcat Summit day is 3000’ and usually around 8 or 9 hours round trip. From Pastukhov Rocks we climb steeply toward the East summit before beginning our climbing traverse to the saddle at 17,769’. The saddle is a good place for a rest before climbing the headwall to the summit. The headwall is steep and is often fixed with a rope for added security. Once on top of the head wall it’s a relatively flat walk across the summit plateau to the true summit.
Trip Pricing
  • The trip starts $5,400 per person. Please note group pricing is available
Lenth of Trip
  •  The trip is 6 nights, 5 days.
What is the Best Time to Climb Mount-Elbrus?
  • Anytime bewtween July & August
Technical Gear
Technical Clothing
Personal Equipment
  • BACKPACK 30 LITER: Simple and lightweight.
  • 20 DEGREE F SLEEPING BAG: Note that down is not really appropriate for this environment.
  • INFLATABLE SLEEPING PAD:: Full length and insulated recommended. Make sure it holds air.
  • HYDRATION SYSTEM and 1 WATER BOTTLE: The Hydration system works well on the climb, the bottle is for extra capacity and for camp and tent use.
  • Sunscreen and Lip screen: New and at least 70 SPF
  • Toiletry Bag: Tooth brush, tooth paste, toilet paper, hand sanitizer.
  • Small Personal First Aid Kit: Keep it simple and small.
  • Malaria medicine: Malaria meds are highly recommended.
  • Umbrella: This might seem strange, but we highly recommend.
  • Large Duffel Bag (1): Porters will carry this bag.
  • Small Duffel Bag (1): This will be used to store travel clothing in Timika.
  • Camera Gear: Keep this simple.
  • Bali is a City on the beach so bring what you think appropriate for Pre and Post trip play in Bali.