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Moab Rock Climbing Offers Something for Everyone

As Utah Natives, we love showing off Moab's stunning desert environment as it has something for everyone! Whether you're searching for a single pitch sport climbs, multi pitch towers or are a beginner climber. We can help you learn the ropes!


Moab Rock Climbing Trips Options

Option #1: (Beg.- Int.)  Single Pitch or Cragging at Moab

Cragging just means we are doing single pitch climbs. We are climbing from the ground to an anchor, and back to the ground. This program is appropriate for anyone. Beginner or even strong climbers will enjoy this program.

  • The Cragging or Single Pitch climb:
    • Craggig Option#1 we will focus on Crack technique and how to lead Trad
    • Craggig Option#2 we will focus on the basics like belaying, repelling and basic climbing technique.
      • If you choose the Cragging option we can operate at a 4:1 guest to guide ratio.

Option #2: (Int.- Adv.) Multi-Pitch at Desert Towers (Rappelling)

    • The Multi-Pitch Climb Option is multi pitch climbing often on desert towers. This means we are stacking pitches to get to the top of a climb or feature. The guide leads up, then brings the guest up to the anchor, and then repeats this process until completion.
    • Instead of being lowered off the top like in Cragging, the descent on multi pitch climbs is done by rappelling. Often you will be doing more than one rappel to each the ground. Crack technique and how to lead Trad
      • Because this type of climbing requires more knowledge of ropes and systems, not to mention that space at belays can be an issue, we only operate at a 2:1 guest to guide ratio.




Day 0

Arrive in SLC and travel to Moab

Arrive in Salt Lake, drive to the trailhead. Depending on the time of arrival, we will make the 5 hr drive to the trailhead this evening.

Day 1

Cirque of the Towers

Hike into the Cirque of the Towers. it is about a 6 hr hike into camp passing many lakes and streams along the way. (10 mi, 6 km)

Day 2-4

Climb Peaks

We will climb peaks such as Pingora, Wolf’s head, Overhanging tower, and Shark’s nose depending on the weather and individual desires! Lots of great granite peaks to keep us entertained! The fishing is also really good, and yoga in the wildflowers is fun too!

Day 5

Hike Out

Hike out (3.5-4.5hr), and drive back to Salt Lake City.

Day 6

Head Home

Fly home or enjoy a day in Salt Lake touring around or rock climbing in the Wasatch!

What's Included?
Professional IFMGA guide, all group gear and insurance.

What's Not Included?
Lodging/camping food.


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