Since our inception in 2009 our main focus has been on custom trips, and we don’t want to depart from this core value. We got into climbing and skiing because we love adventure. For us a big part of that adventure is planning and researching before a trip, seeking beta and looking at maps. Not knowing what’s around every ridge or over every pass is part of the adventure. We bring literally mountains of experience to this process. And rest assured that we have the skill and knowledge to deal with the difficulties and challenges we’ll encounter along the way.


Custom is choose your own adventure at as many levels as you can imagine. For Example we did a custom ski trip to Russia with a young pro skier. He had a budget, but didn’t want or need luxury. He was a good partner and so we skied some big committing lines, stayed in the mountain huts instead of town and had an amazing 10 days of big lines and Russian hospitality. On the other end of the spectrum my Everest trips were five star support and accommodations all the way. We have a few clients that do one on one adventures to places like Kenya and Peru Or group trips with family and friends to Kilimanjaro or Noway boat ski trips. First Ascents and Descents in Antarcticaan, or exploration in Alaska, we have put together and run all of these trips.

We will work with you to design the style of trip you want, with the people you want. We believe these trips are what keep many of our best guests coming back again and again. In this way you can really understand what it’s like to be In The Company of Guides!


We have planned, organized and executed many trips all across the globe. Logistics is a huge part of any expedition or big ski trip. We have put in the time and have learned how to plan for and anticipate what logistics we need. We have many contacts and personal friends across the globe, we work worth directly and indirectly with these people to seamlessly prepare for our objectives.

We are often asked how we guide a mountain if we have never been there before? Guiding is not just about knowing the way, We are good at reading maps that’s the easy part. Guiding is about having the skills and knowledge to accomplish our goal in a safe well managed way. These skills don’t change just because it’s a different mountain. We use the same techniques climbing the Grand Teton as we do guiding Mt. Kenya for example. Rope technique, cold management, route finding, guest management and risk management… We have a massive number of days leading and taking care of guests in the mountains and this experience translates area to area very well.

Rock Climbing Ideas

  • Squamish, British Colombia Canada
  • Moab, Utah: Ancient Art, Castleton Tower
  • Bugaboo’s, British Colombia Canada
  • Washington Pass, Washington
  • Potrero Chico, Mexico
  • Devils Tower, Wyoming


We are certified, experienced, professional Mountain Guides. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure.


We specialize in designing custom and private trips, perfect for you or a group. Our team of highly experienced, certified, professional guides will teach you the skills, and lead you there and safely home.