Backcountry Skiing Checklist

Check Conditions Read the Avalanche forecast for your chosen area Check the weather forecast for your area Make a Plan Look at a map and match terrain with conditions Make a backup plan in case conditions are not as expected Be sure someone knows your plan (Someone Not with you) Communicate with partners Confirm route […]

What to Do After Completing Avalanche 1 Training course

What to Do After Completing Avalanche 1 Training Course After taking an Avalanche 1 training course, you may be feeling excited and nervous about really getting out there on your own.  I mean, let’s face it, even the experts get it wrong sometimes.  And after just one weekend of training, you will know tons more […]

Winter is coming! How to Prepare for Backcountry Ski Season

How to Prepare for Backcountry Skiing What do I do to plan and prepare for the backcountry ski season? I get an exciting feeling this time of years the leaves change colors and the temperatures drop, I begin to think about skiing!  I am a skier to my soul, and I enjoy all forms of […]

Ski Mountaineering Classics of the Wasatch

When I started thinking about writing this article I decided I first need to define a few terms. What is ski mountaineering?  What makes something “Classic”?  And what are the Wasatch? I took the Ski mountaineering definition from my website. Ski Mountaineering: the discipline of climbing and descending mountains with the use of skis. Often, […]

My Journey to Becoming an International Mountain Guide

I grew up here in Utah skiing and playing in the mountains from an early age.  I was a bump skier in high school and even competed on the Bud Pro Mogul Tour and in the Utah Winter Olympics in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  In college I became more of a ‘soul’ skier […]

The Best backcountry Skiing is in the Wasatch

I learned to ski as a young boy right here in the Wasatch mountains of Utah.  Since learning to ski, I have been a passionate skier.  Because I learned to ski at Alta, I am especially zealous about skiing powder.  My pursuit for skiing powder soon led me to backcountry skiing, and the desire to […]

Backcountry Skiing Gear List

Backcountry Ski and Technical Gear   Skis With Alpine Touring bindings:  We recommend a touring ski with a waist between 102cm and 116.  Skis should be equipped with touring binding, preferably tech style bindings. Climbing Skins: Skins need to be in good condition and cut to fit your ski. Ski Touring Boot: Boots need to […]

Answers To All Your Backcountry Skiing Questions

“Seven Summiter” and Professional Mountain Guide INTRODUCTION As a professional mountain guide, I often get asked all sorts of questions related to backcountry skiing. In this guide, I aim to answer some of the most common questions from best ski gear, safety and avalanche courses, best terrain and more. If you find this information helpful, […]