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One of my mentors used to say a “good skin track should flow like water uphill”. Breaking trail or not, skinning is a very efficient way to explore the mountains. I have spent countless hours thinking about and practicing how to be efficient on the skin track.  With proper technique and a little practice you too can learn to love the “up”.

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One of the great things about backcountry skiing is there’s something for any strong skier. I can have fun skiing low angle glades or skiing steep couloirs. The backcountry is no place to learn to ski but for advanced intermediate, to expert skiers who don’t mind the hike… it’s an exquisite adventure.

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Skiing is our true passion and the path that led us to become guides. There is no better feeling in the world than skiing fresh untouched powder. Combine the feeling of skiing powder with the beauty of pristine mountains and good friends… life doesn’t get any better. 

"Todd Passey opens doors. He is confident and comfortable. Decades of climbing have given him friends around the world. When you are with him you feel part of the inner circle of guides."
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We are professional, Certified Ski Mountaineering Guides. That means we have the knowledge and skills required to guide. Plus, we are all skiers of the highest caliber who have proven skills on big technical ski descents around the world. Most of all we love this stuff!

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