Winslow Passey and Todd Passey will be guest guiding this summer up in the Tetons with Exum Mountain Guides. So permits are available in the Tetons and surrounding peaks and in the Wind River Range.
The Grand Teton is an amazing alpine adventure that usually includes two days of training and then a two day climb on the Grand Teton with various routes available!
The Wind River Range is a beautiful area famous for the Cirque of Towers and many scenic high alpine routes. There are copious climbs of moderate difficulty on peaks like Pingora, Wolf’s Head, Steeple Peak, and Haystack. This is a multi-day adventure includes camping by brilliant alpine lakes in the heart of the range. Horses can be arrange to take gear into the camping area to make the approach fun and easy. If you enjoy camping in the mountain and soaking in the beauty of your surrounding, this area is not to be missed!
Gannet Peak is the highest peak in Wyoming and one of the most remote peaks in the lower forty 48 to access. It is a beautiful journey into this mountain requiring an approach of 25mi. There are a variety of ways to access the range and horses and porters can be arranged to help out. The climb is not super technical yet it requires some steep snow climbing and crossing a bergschrund.
As a yoga instructor, Winslow loves to add yoga to all of her adventures if you are so inclined to learn or practice. It is a great way to increase your core stretch, balance and flexibility!



July – August

*Custom dates available
"I remember one time when Todd and I were climbing Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis. I tested a rock by pulling down on it. When I stepped on the rock from a different angle, however, the entire formation came out and I was airborne. My fall wasn't long because the rope had been taut. All I remember saying was 'Well, that's interesting.' Todd said nothing, except later he said, 'That's what a guide and a rope are for.' It was all in a day's work for him. When I think about it, I guess I owe my life to him."
- Stephen G.


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