France / Italy / Switzerland
So often we are asked, “I want a week long Alps classic… a little snow, a little rock, huts, trams… get an idea of the whole area and have a great adventure; what’s possible?” – Absolutely!
Are you in for a treat. With flexibility like that you are sure to be thrilled and we can orchestrate an excellent adventure that suits your desires, skill range and time. Based out of Chamonix, we have easy access to the heart of the Alps where a quick tram ride brings you to such rock and alpine classics that dreams are made and realized on.

Alpine Classics Examples

  • Cosmique arête .(5.5 rock, snow, exposure)
  • Midi/ Plan traverse
  • W ridge Rochfort (exposed ridge traverse, fantastic)
  • Dente de Giante (5.9, without using the fixed lines – uber classic!)
  • Briethorn half traverse (mixed rock and snow to Altitude)
  • Pollux and Castor (steep rock on one and steep snow on the other — perfect twins)
  • Monta Rosa (A five summated massif bordering Switzerland and Italy, sure to have something to ‘peak’ your interest)
  • Dente Blanche (a remote pyramidal peak, classic of the Alps)


Of all the classic Alps trips that we have been asked about it is the trilogy of Mt Blanc, the Matterhorn and The Eiger. Three great peaks steeped in history and mountaineering fascination. A dream of many an Alpinist to challenge oneself upon each of these peaks in ones lifetime and a great achievement to have at least tried let alone stand upon all three summits.
If one is ready and the weather and conditions are favorable we have many times been able to climb all three in a ten day period including acclimatization and traveling. It has been done and will be done again but giving a few extra days for weather and rest certainly ups the chances of success and gives us a chance to really showcase this wonderful adventurous and cultural arena – and so we offer you ‘ The Royal Trilogy’, a full 13 day trip will give you the best chance possible to complete this audacious adventure.
Time is precious, think about what you want to do and ask us for any advise. This will truly be an outstanding feather in the cap of any alpinist.


Jun-Sep, 2021
*Daily and multi-day booking available. Custom dates available.


$500/day per person + guides expenses (6 days)

Avalanche Level 1 Course

The Wasatch Backcountry, Utah
Jan - Mar, 2021
"I recommend a family climb with Winslow and Todd Passey. Our family went up the Middle Teton with the two of them as guides. Todd sacrificed himself to the gods of hail the night before to check the route. The dawn broke clear, and we headed up the long gully to the crux pitch. One by one each of us linked the moves. A short time later we were looking down on all of Idaho and Wyoming. Climbing doesn't have to separate families. It can unite them."
- Stephen G.


We specialize in designing custom and private trips, perfect for you or a group. Our team of highly experienced, certified, professional guides will teach you the skills, and lead you there and safely home.