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Ski Mountaineering: the discipline of climbing and descending mountains with the use of skis. Often, using the methods and tools of more traditional mountain climbing. If you’re up for the challenge – check out our ski mountaineering adventures below!

Alpine Climbing


Mont Blanc has established it as a classic must-do climb, at the top of many mountaineers tic lists.

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Expedition Vinson
Seven Summits


With 22 hours of sunlight each day, and weather cooperating – you’re bound for a good climb day. Save your spot to Mount Vinson Guided Mountaineering – book now for Dec 2022 – Jan 2023 travel dates or request custom dates!

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Why Choose ITCOG?

IMFGA Certified Guides with decades of experience as an international professional mountain guide

ITCOG is led by Professional Mountain Guide – Todd Passey. Todd has many certification including IMFGA, highest level of professional training. Furthermore, all of our guides are either AMGA or IFMGA certified.

Todd has  20+ years guiding ski and rock climbing adventures like inluding all 7 summits, European Alps, Antarctica,  Boat based and heli-skiing, and more

A Perosalized Process

As indepdent guides, we’re different. We spend a significant amount of time planning for each trip, That includes taking the time to get to know you, your experience and goals for the trip. 

We make your ‘Advenutre of a Lifetime’ come true. By customizing each trip to be personalized to your wants and needs. Get ideas and learn more about our custom ski trips or custom rock climbing adventures

Let Us Help you Design The Perfect Trip. From Backcountry Skiing, Ski Mountaineering, Alpine Climbing, Rock Climbing or Trekking, We Can Help. Give us a call or send us a message.

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