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Todd Passey
Winslow Passey
Tim Connelly

In The Company of Guides, aka ITCOG was founded in 2009 by IFMGA American Mountain Guides Todd Passey and Tim Connelly and AMGA Ski Mountaineering Certified Guide Winslow Passey.

We know our name is unique! We chose it because we recognize the supreme importance of the client/guide relationship in creating a rewarding and unique mountain experience. We enjoy getting to know the abilities and desires of each individual we take into the mountains. A large percentage of our trips are with folks we have climbed and skied with for years.
We are guides that love our jobs. We have proven skills and worldwide experience. We are all AMGA or IFMGA certified. The AMGA, (American Mountain Guide Association) is a member of the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association) which offers certification to guides that have been trained and rigorously tested on their skill and ability as a mountain guides. IFMGA certification is the highest level of certification available in our profession. All IFMGA Mountain Guides are trained and tested in Ski, Rock, and Alpine to an internationally recognized Standard. In addition to Certification, all our guides have extensive personal and professional climbing resumes.
We have all worked for larger guide services, and in some cases continue to do so. We have learned a lot from these experiences. We strive to incorporate these lessons learned into the practice of every trip we run. One of these lessons is attention to detail. We know that planning and organization go a long way toward achieving our goals. We have organized and guided trips on every continent to many of the worlds most iconic mountains and most famed mountain ranges. We love to explore and visit little known and remote destinations. Whatever your style we are prepared to make it a reality.
We keep our client to guide ratio low. Operating with low ratios is important for ensuring a much higher level of safety, cohesiveness, flexibility and ultimately success. we will work with you personally to make sure all your questions are answered and your preparation complete so you can have the ultimate mountain adventure. We look forward to working with you to create a lasting mountain relationship. These relationships help us take people higher, steeper and farther to realize their mountain dreams. We hope you will join us!

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